FBU Chicago 2015 Sampling Station Application

First, please carefully read some rules, details etc...

The FBU Chicago Sampling Station is your chance to have your product sampled at the event. It is an unmanned area (meaning you are not responsible for -- nor allowed to -- physically sample your product) that is designed to showcase new, innovative, or successful food and beverage brands. Beverages will be placed in ice buckets to allow for proper chilling and sample cups will be made available to encourage sharing. Food products should be in snack or sample size. We recognize that many products are still in the development phase, and encourage attendees to share what they have put together thus far, regardless if label design or packaging formats are not representative of the final version. The Sampling Station is a fantastic opportunity to receive feedback from fellow entrepreneurs and experts alike on your progress to date. Attendees of FBU Chicago will have the opportunity to sample the products during the networking breaks and meals that are part of the day's agenda.

How can you participate?
Please complete the following questionnaire and your brand will be added to our list of Sampling Station participants on a first come, first served basis.

Who can participate?
You must be a registered attendee of the conference to participate in the Sampling Station.

How much do I bring?
Each brand may bring up to 48 individual units (bottles/cans/sample-sized packages) of product. You are welcome to bring multiple flavors and/or package formats, so long as the total number of units for all formats does not exceed 48. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Where will I bring it and when?
Please bring your product with you on the day of the event, Thursday, April 30th. You may also deliver your product the day prior to the event, Wednesday, April 29th. Any deliveries made directly to Moonlight Studios prior to the event may be subject to a receiving/storage fee which you will be responsible for.

The Sampling Station has a limited amount of space available, so please respond ASAP.

Final note: BevNET Staff has final say on what goes into the Sampling Station.

Alright, now that we're done with that, let's collect some info from you....